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Sea Freight companies in Nepal

Sea Freight companies in Nepal

Sea freight is thoroughly examined by Mobility Freight, along with its pros and drawbacks in comparison to other transportation options.

What is Sea Freight? 

Large-scale cargo transportation through carrier ships is known as sea freight. After being packaged in containers, the goods are put onto a vessel. Since a normal cargo ship can hold up to 18,000 containers, shipping goods by sea is an economical way to move huge amounts across long distances. Sea freight is the transport of goods and services in the international countries through different routes. Mobility Freight provides quality transportation services in Nepal.

Transporting maritime freight can be done in a variety of ways.

FCL stands for full container load, in which you buy one or more whole containers to ship.

LCL stands for less than container load, which refers to situations when you may not have enough merchandise to fill the entire container. The contents of the container are separated once more reaching their destination.

When your products roll on and roll off, or RORO, they stay in the vehicle they’re in until they board the cargo ship. The car simply pulls up to the ship and pulls away from one end.

Dry bulk shipping is a method of transport for some particular goods that don’t need to travel in a container and are instead loaded into the ship’s hold.

 sea freight sea freight

How does it work? 

One component of the machine that makes up a supply chain network is sea freight. Some businesses decide to export their products safely and lawfully by using a specialized 3PL. One of the main advantages of these providers is that they are already aware of all the criteria, so you won’t need to work with a shipping firm for each item, as we noted in our list of the Top 5 benefits of 3PL.

The items will be obtained from your supplier and transported via the port in one of the aforementioned formats once you have contracted with a shipping firm. It is important to keep in mind that delivery schedules should account for the time it takes to move through customs on each side of the port.

If you don’t have enough products, even with LCL as a possibility, it can be more economical for you to deliver them by air freight or courier. Both of these are used to send smaller quantities of goods, but because the trucks are smaller, they cost more.

Benefits vs Disadvantages


  • cost-efficient compared to alternative ways

  • It is simple to move bulky or heavy items.

  • affordable for long distances

  • most environmentally friendly option


  • Time is undoubtedly one of the biggest drawbacks of sea freight as it is the most time-consuming method of product transportation.
  • Prices are too high for modest quantities of goods.

If you need to transfer huge amounts or if the destination country is far away, sea freight is more cost-effective and ecologically friendly than other methods of product delivery. Nevertheless, depending on the product, courier services and air freight may still be preferable alternatives to LCL.

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