Air Freight

The air freight industry has been quite a leading market for shipments with small-in-size, high value, lifesaving vaccines, time bound & perishables over the past few decades. In fact, the global economy relies on the faster exchange of commodities across the globe to its consumers. In addition to it, air freight has been playing a vital role in landlocked countries where other modes of transportation could become a geographical obstruction. Nepal is also a landlocked country where the air freight market holds more than one-third of the total economy.

Due to the global outbreak of the corona virus in 2020, air freight industry was the first among others to get severely affected due to the nationwide lockdown and restrictions carried out by most of the countries. The ban on international flights faced a drastic decline in air freight capacity, increased backlog and planes being grounded, it was quite a challenging situation for the air freight industry to get back to the track.

With trending e-commerce platforms, increasing consolidated airfreights and vaccination programs worldwide, the air freight market is rising steadily as the demands is growing from household products to pharmaceuticals and many more.

Although having multiple benefits, one of the major drawbacks of the industry is the freight cost which is very expensive compared to the other modes of transportation such as rail-road freight & sea freight.

With our team of experts who can understand your specific requirement and could make smarter decisions for your successful business growth, air freight could be the right tool for your business type.

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